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Icon for Display Arranger

Display Arranger

Easily arrange your displays

Please connect at least one external display to your device or else Display Arranger will not be of any use.

Setting display positions

  1. Arrange your displays by dragging the grey and blue rectangles around.
  2. Make them match the physical placement of your displays for the best experience.
  3. Once satisfied, save your setup by clicking on the tile labeled "Save" at the bottom of the window.

Using an existing arrangement

  1. Once an arrangement is saved, tap on it's tile at the bottom of the window to load it.

Renaming an arrangement

  1. Right click on it's tile at the bottom of the window.
  2. Click "Edit details"
  3. Enter a new name
  4. Click "Apply changes"
Icon for Grammy for Youtube Music

Grammy for Youtube Music

The best way to listen on Vision Pro

Please see Youtube Music's help pages for instructions on how to use the app. This is a client to help you better access the app on Vision Pro. The functionnality remains the same.
Icon for iFavs


File & Link Manager

Adding a new favorite:

  1. Click on the star (Top right corner of your screen)
  2. Click Add to Favorites…
  3. Enter the name of your link in the Name textbox
  4. Enter the URL(Link) of the website you wish to save in the URL textbox
  5. Click the Save button to save your favorite

Removing a favorite:

  1. Click on the star (Top right corner of your screen)
  2. Click Edit Favorites…
  3. Find the website you wish to delete in the left hand list
  4. Click the x on the desired website’s row

Opening a favorite:

  1. Click on the star (Top right of your screen)
  2. Once a website is added (See Adding a new website), locate it in the list
  3. Click on the desired website’s name

Moving a favorite:

  1. Click on the star (Top right corner of your screen)
  2. Click Edit Favorites…
  3. Drag the website’s name to the desired location
  4. (Up arrow moves the favorite up one row)
  5. (Down arrow moves the favorite down one row)

Reset settings:

  1. Click on the star. (Top right of your screen)
  2. Click on the Recommended Defaults button


  • Launch application at login: Turn on app with your computer.
  • Automatically add http://: Highly recommended, increases security.
  • iCloud Sync: Synchronize favourites with your other Macs, also serves as backup.
  • Enable startup prompt: Show introduction window next time app starts.
  • Recommended Defaults: resets settings to recommended settings.
  • Sync group: Group where favorites are stored. These are: Favorites, Home, Work, and Other.
  • When changed, your favorites will automatically change to display those of the current group.
Icon for Pedalboard


Portable Effects

Turn effects on and off

Toggle pedals by tapping on the grey stomp buttons.

Customizing effects

Edit pedal parameters by tapping and holding on the pedal's graphic. Changes are applied automatically.

Icon for WorkIt - 5x5 Puzzles

WorkIt - 5x5 Puzzles

Math puzzles

Replay tutorial

Tap the tutorial button at the app's main menu.

Icon for Two Truths One Lie

Two Truths One Lie

iMessage game

Starting a new game

  1. Open the iMessage App.
  2. Enter your three statements into the textfields.
  3. Select which statement is a lie using the segmented picker.
  4. To confirm and send, tap the blue button under the prompts.

Answering someone else

  1. Tap on the receive message.
  2. Tap on the false statement.
  3. Tap on the send button.
Icon for GeoSwapper


Tile puzzles

The Goal

Complete puzzles by either correctly placing the puzzle pieces to reconstruct the image or by spelling out the subject of the photo.

Replay the Tutorial

  1. Inside the app, tap on the settings button in the top left corner of the home page.
  2. Tap "Show Tutorial when I play", The tutorial will now play the next time you open a level.